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4 Days

Cybersecurity Fundamentals.

CSS - Cybersecurity Specialist.

* Firewall Management.

* Standard and compliance concept.

* Design best practices.

* Security solutions concept.

* Cryptography and IPSEC concept.

* Data security.

* Hacking phases and steps concept.

* Vulnerability/Patch Management.

* Proactive monitoring concept and solutions.

* IOT and ICS security concept.

* Best practices.

4 Days

Cybersecurity Pentester.

CPTS-Cybersecurity Pentester Specialist.

* Introductory Linux/Hacking Phases.

* Reconnaissance and Information Gathering.

* Scanning / Enumeration.

* Vulnerabilities types.

* Exploit concept.

* Post exploit concept.

* Active Directory pen testing.

* ICS and IOT security Concept.

* IOT hacking concept.

* DID and least privilege concept.

* What to do before and after cyber-attack.

4 Days

ICS / IoT Cybersecurity.

IoTS - IoT Specialist.

* Understand industrial cybersecurity.

* Design security-oriented architectures.

* Configure event monitoring systems.

* Gain knowledge of ICS risks.

* IOT Concept, Best practices.

* IOT Architecture and Design.

* IOT in Industries (Oil & Gas - Manufacturing)

* Secure your industrial control systems.

* Best Practices and Standards.

* ICS security, hacking and countermeasures.

* ICS Attack Scenario.

4 Days

Healthcare Cybersecurity.

IT Healthcare specialist.

* Introducing Healthcare IT.

* Introducing Data Flow in Healthcare facility.

* Regulatory Requirements.

* HC Organizational Behavio.

* IT Operations.

* Medical Business Operations.

* Healthcare Cybersecurity best practices

Certified Risk Governance & Compliance Eng.


Certified Advanced Threat Protection Eng.


Certified Security Professional Eng.


Certified Application Security Eng.


Certified Penetration Testing Eng.


Certified Security Defense Eng.


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Professional Services

Beyond technical proficiency, IT professional services emphasize effective communication and collaboration. IT professionals work closely with clients to understand their needs, translating complex technical concepts into actionable strategies. They provide ongoing support and troubleshooting, ensuring seamless operations and rapid issue resolution. Ultimately, IT professional services facilitate innovation by enabling organizations to harness technology's potential and adapt to the digital era's demands while focusing on their core missions.

Cybersecurity Services

Professional cybersecurity services encompass a range of specialized solutions designed to shield businesses from cyber risks and attacks. These services go beyond mere software installations, encompassing comprehensive assessments, tailored strategies, and ongoing monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and mitigate potential breaches. Expert cybersecurity professionals possess the skills and knowledge to create customized defense mechanisms, conduct penetration testing, and formulate incident response plans.

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